Leish + Rolly

Leish + Rolly


There's a special sort of magic that happens when two people marry in a place so very full of not only their own love and memories, but those who came before them. Leish and Rolly were married on her family farm, in a clearing amongst the trees, where Leish and her brother used to practise their karate moves as kids. 


"These two view this ceremony as a public way of formalising what they already know: that whatever joys and inevitable challenges life throws at them, they want to face them together. For Aleisha, getting married is a celebration of the fact that she gets to spend the rest of her life with her soulmate. Simon is excited at the prospect of continuing to change and grow together, while still heading in the same direction.

For both of them, the most significant part is that they are making this most enduring of commitments in front of you, their closest family and dearest friends. To all of you, your presence here is not taken lightly. You were invited to bear witness to this day because you are an integral part of this story. You were there in the first few months, and you saw the glimmer in their eyes as they spoke of each other. 'This is the one' they said. And over a glass of wine, or a long distance phone call, or via email from a world away, you said 'YES, and we couldn't be happier for you.'"